Monday, September 7, 2009

well well well

Alright where i do begin on such an amazing last week! The last post was when we were in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where we visited Nathan's cousin Harris, his wife Rebecca, and their adorable, yes ADORABLE son Jacob! They were such amazing hosts and welcomed us into their home with such open arms-we feel truly thankful for them! We got to Milwaukee and toured their beautiful new home and played out in the front yard wirh Jacob until we (not him!) were tired. They made us a wonderful dinner and we took a stroll around their neighborhood, which is right along a section of the Milwaukee River. It was a wonderful evening and it was very nice to get out of the house and stretch our legs. We woke up bright and early and toured the town and Harris brought us to his community garden where he is raising bees for an extension program at the local university. It was very informative! He also showed us his garden where his goods were all in full growth. We headed back into town and tried to go to lunch, but that just didn't seem to work out for numerous reasons, so we went back home and made tomoto sandwiches-fresh from the garden i might add! We then went out onto Lake Michigan and went SAILING!! Harris' friend Mike took us out on a boat and it was amazing. The weather was perfect a light breeze around 6 knots...yes that is sailing terminology ya know! We both were able to mess around and learn new sailing skills, which was exciting! After sailing we went and had a great Ethiopian dinner and met up with my cousin C.A and his wife Jamie and had a few (few is used litely) local beers and played some darts of course. Let me inform you that we won both games-woop woop! We woke up the next morning and left Milwaukee and went to Madison where we saw the capital, strolled around town, and sat by the lake and read the paper and just relaxed. It was a great way to enjoy a nice day before we went to Ridgeland to visit Nathans Uncle David and Aunt Joyce! We arrived in Ridgeland after stopping outside of a nice bar that wasnt open and they gave us a nice refreshing beer! we felt lucky! David and Joyce were excellent hosts as well and showed us around their spectacular property away from all the hustle and bustle of the real world. We also say their amazing garden surrounded by an electric fence, which Sierra found out soon enough!!! We made homemade pizza and had great conversation with those two! Watched some tennis and nathan's uncle revamped his computer so he will no longer have viruses! Thanks Uncle David!! The next day we hung around made a homemade wildrice soup with cranberries! Welcome to the North Nathan!! We departed that afternoon to head to my cabin and see my family. We stopped in Duluth, MN where Nathan was able to put his feet in a second Great Lake-Lake Superior! We walked around the boardwalk in the Canal Park area and headed to the Brewhaus to have another local beer:) We bought a nalgene of Starfire and headed to the good 'ole cabin!!!!


  1. that sounds like so much fun. hope you guys are enjoying yourselves.