Tuesday, November 10, 2009

leaving Cali and The Pacific Time Zone

I have just been typing for an hour and deleted my whole post. Im a little upset so im not going to write much. Yosemite for 3 days in the back country. Mammoth Lakes for a day. Went to their brewery and tryed some of the best Dopple Bock I have ever had. They had great Barely Wine as well and an Double IPA made with Juniper and Sage. UMMM! Bishop for a day (I bouldered for the day while Rachael hung out). Death Valley for a day. A couple of short day hikes there. Las Vegas(that scum hole) Racheal wanted to go to a casino, so we did. We both played 5 cent slots. we spent $1 each. i won my money back, Rachael didnt fair as well. A very dirty and expensive city. I dont think I will ever be back. I wont spend my money their anyways!! Hoover Dam,ate dinner by the damn dam and then drove through the night to Flagstaff,AZ and slept in a Wal-Mart parking lot. it was very good sleep. Thanks Wal-Mart for your new low intensity lights! Sorry for the brief overview but im just frustrated with losing my long post. Love you all. Nathanael
I will be putting new pictures up on photobucket.com with in the next two days. So check it out this week.