Thursday, September 10, 2009

off and running

We made it to Remer,MN at Rachael's family's cabin. It was beautiful. we spent three days at their cabin and went out on the boat every day. The weather could NOT have been better. 75 and clear skys every day. So far we havent run into any rain...I refrain from calling it "bad weather" because I believe its GOOD for rain to fall. It may be inconvienient..but none the less its not BAD.On day two I attemped to water ski for the FIrst time every. I got up on my first attempt and Rachaels family said it was one of the only times they have every seen anyone do that. It was awesome and I could not wipe the smile off of my face that day. (Pictures are to come). I met her grandparents on her moms side. They owned the property we were staying at and more property across the lake. The lake was called Thunder lake...Fast fact...Minnesota has over 15000 lakes not 10,000 like it says on all the license plates. After spending a couple of relaxing days with her family we traveled to her parents house in Minninapolis,MN to get the credit card that Rachael had sent their that had our join account money in it. the mail didn't show up til 6pm and that really delayed our trip plans. We thought it would be there by 1pm....we were wrong!! We left MN at 6:30 pm at headed for South Dakoda. I drove almost 10 hours and stoped 15 miles shy of the Badlands.By this time it was 4am to 2am depenting on what time zone you want to go by. We spent the night in a scenic pull-off and slept in the Element. We woke up at 6:30 am to see the sunrise over the Buffalo grasslands. It was breath taking. We then drove through the Badlands. We decided it was not worth spending the night their and just made a 1/2 day of it. After the Badlands we went to Wall,SD home of the world famous Wall Drugs. TOURIST TRAP!!! We got a couple of free stickers and left!Rapid City, SD was next on the list and went to a local brewery called Firehouse Brewery there. Best beer so far in my opinion. Then we set out to see Rushmore and Crazy Horse monuments. After that we drove through the Needles hwy. (SD 87), which was a spectacular drive. You can Youtube it if you want to see more! By this time it was around 6:30 pm and we decided we should find a place to camp. We stopped by the N.F.S Headquarters for the Black Hills and asked for advice. The nice lady that worked their sent us to a spot that was cougar infested and had hardly been visited. IT WAS AMAZING!!! it was just us for who knows how many miles. we spent the night their and saw more stars than I have seen since I went to Africa in 2000. We didn't see a cougar...but I wish we would have. We woke up to another beautiful day and decided to visit The Devils Tower in Wyoming. Thanks to Aunt Joyce's advice, We will meander off of the interstate and take WY route 14 to yellowstone. That brings me to right now....Sundance,WY. the place of the Sundance Kid. Population almost 1,000 elevation almost 5,000. If we dont make ot to Yellowstone today we will stop in the Big Horn Mt. Range and spend the night. Oh and another fast fact, its legal in WY for passengers to drink beer.What a disterbing law!! next update...after the Tetons....til then I love you all!

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