Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day One and Truckin'

August 31st, 2009, a day early of schedule, Rachael and I headed out of Black Mountain, NC and arrived at my friend Jeff E's house at around 7pm in Indy, IN. Thanks Jeff for being such a great host and letting me and Rachael spend the night and for liking coffee as much as me. He took us to a local brewery called Broad Ripple Brewery and Pub. What a fantastic little joint. if your every in north Indy, stop by.

Rachael Got hit on by a kentucky redneck...
The story: We stoped in Kentuckey to refuel and desided to sit on the curb and watch the fiasco that was happening across the street at the ajacent gas station. Aparently it was a HUGE drug bust that was flooding the local news and radio stations. As we watched, two men in a gray pickup rolled by and said hello. Rachel didn't notice but i looked at them and said hi. They circled back around the gas station and continued to "cat call" at the both of us. after about 45 seconds of sitting beside us...and me smiling and trying not to laugh...the passanger redneck said..."hey! ur a man!" I laughed real loud and said "Yup I am" he looked really imbaressed, proceed to tell Rachael that she was "real purty" and "he liked hur hair" then they drove off. Mind you, with out stereotyping too much, their actions followed those of people who were drunk. And there were about seven to eight cop cars across the street. welcome to Kentuckey!! but honestly I do love this state. Its beautiful, and there are people like this is EVERY state!

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  1. Just keep in mind that both comedy and horror movies both start out this way.