Friday, October 30, 2009

California!!The land of Beautiful Sunsets

So we made it to California. We have been here a little over a week now. The days are starting to run together, this will be like the 65 Saturday in a row now. Its great!! We started our adventure into California on a small road (hwy 199 I believe). There was a customs office we had to go through to get into the state. This was strictly for food purposes on the account that California grows most of the USA's food. Crescent City, CA was our first stop. We were directed to a beautiful spot on the rocky beach by a Ranger in the information center at Crescent City. He was such a nice man, and very helpful. Upon arriving at this secret spot...located at the end of Enders Beach Rd. we stopped to make dinner. We meet two friendly people Gab and Daniel. Daniel was a glass blower in his late 50's and Gab was traveling back to Portland,OR after bumming around for a month. He was such a nice guy we ended up hanging out with him the rest of the night and he didnt like sleeping alone so we let him sleep in front of our car. The SUNSET WAS SPECTACULAR!! From Crescent City we headed to the King Range. BY FAR the most remote beach on the west coast. It was beautiful. The mountain roads that followed the ocean were incredible to drive on. Imagine driving down an old country road in the mountains with no center line and pot holes littering the path in front of you. To one side you see pristine mountain scenery and on the other side you see the ridges of these mountains sinking deep into the ocean right beside you. These mountains stand at a staggering 4000 ft. Which is quite a feat considering the ridges of these mountains go directly into the ocean. After Exploring this forgotten place for a few days we slowly meandered down the cost stopping in sever small towns that were not even on the map. Ferndale was a very wonderful town that is located at the northern part of the King Range. On the southern end of this Wilderness Area we decided to take Hwy 1 one hundred and seventy-five miles into San Fransisco. San Fran is all that you hear and see in pictures. On our way to San Fran, Rachael had to pee really bad and had been holding it for quite some finally she decided to pull over and pee on the side of the road. This is the spot that we believe she got POISON OAK!!! all over her body... The following three days her face began to swell shut. He has it on her stomach, legs, in her ears, neck and all of her face. Poor girl just hasnt seen any good luck. But she IS a trooper. We spent the day in San Fran and walked around...her with a puffed up face, and still had a good time. We headed to one of her sisters friends house who lives in San Jose. Here we doctored Rachael and I took her to the hospital to get checked out....BUT for the record...I told her it was poison and benedryl would help...thats for the record...we ended up going to to doctor and guess what he said...poison oak! none the less Im watching after her and TRYING to make her not scratch it...shes doing pretty good on that part. I just hope she gets over it soon. Its no fun to have P.I. on your FACE!! luckily Im not allergic so Ill just be watching after her for the next week. Shes recovering just fine though. Our time in San Jose was very nice though. Rikki and Chris were so nice to us and allowed us to stay for two days. Rikki hung out with us the most..not that Chris didnt want too, he's just trying to finish his MB at school and hold a full time job. I wish I could have gone climbing with him though. He seems like a very competant climber from the conversations we had. Rikki is a Massage Theripist just like one of my best friends Clayton. She was so much fun to hang out with. Me and Racheal had a lot of fun with her. After we got the Poison Oak thing straitened out we said our good byes and headed for Lake Tahoe. That brings us to today. Tomorrow there is a Halloween festival outside of Yosemite that I would like to go to. So we are leaving Lake Tahoe today and going to head towards Yosemite. Im excited about Yosemite. I'm hoping I can teach Rachael a few things about climbing and then spend a day or two climbing with some locals. We plan on spending about a week there. Our money is on its last leg....and we are still in Cali. Its going to be fun trying to be as frugal as possible with what we have so that we can attempt getting back to North Carolina. HA I have no worries about it! just so its out there..we have $300 left in our joint account and I have about $400 left in my personal.(I have no idea how much Rach has left...she keeps financial information very quiet) ...BUT....I figure it will cost us at least $500 in gas to get back and then $____ more on other expenses. Oh I cant wait to see how this all turns out! Its just another aspect of an adventure that I just love. Its like a big game...because really whats the worst that can happen??? We go home from here?? I think I can deal with that.

This blog marks the turn in our journey that will head us back East. We have moved away from the Pacific Ocean and are now heading back to the Rockies and then back to the East Coast! Day 59 of our travels and we have so many stories(for those that want to hear them) and many more stories yet to live out. I love you all and cant wait to see all yall again!!

Until I find wifi again,

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