Friday, October 2, 2009

Back To the Good 'ol US of A!

Vancouver was a great town. I have my quarlls though. As I could figure, everybody in BC was polite, but not friendly. They would tell you how to get around, but after that, you would be lucky to get another word or have a friendly conversation with anyone except the hobo's and druggies cluttering W. Hastings St in downtown. There were lots of Homeless people in that town. For the most part me and Rachael stuck out like a sore thumb. From our cloths ,to the way we talked and the smile on our faces, it was obvious that this was not the normal attitude of a Vancouver resident. They seemed to all have the dark british style of dress. Dark cloths, petty coats,... the whole nine. Smiles were rare, and the pace of life probally coouldn't get any faster than how fasted they walked around town. Im a fast walker and I had trouble keeping up with most of them. As they walked around town, it was like they were on a mission (to make money more than likey....!). The bars we visited were stale to say the least. Not close to the friendly bars that I have visited in the bigger cities in the US. Atlanta being one of the hippist bar towns I have visited so far..(That lines for you Terry! I know you love your Atlanta)

Well, now we are in the states and heading to Seattle to hopefully visit my Uncle Barry and Aunt Lisa, and then to explore Washingtion St. Northern Cascades, Mt. Rainer, Then Olympic Nat'l Park! all within the next week and a half. I contacted a friend from Montreat that now lives in Seattle and I hope she calls me back! If so I might drop by and say hello to her! Second round of postcards are being sent out this week! Iv'e sent about 6 so far! Rachael has sent about 8.

Til next time,
Love and Blessings,

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  1. I am so glad you two are having such a great time! I enjoy reading about your experiences and will REALLY enjoy getting to hear about all of the stuff between updates.

    Try to host your pictures. It's free and says you can upload 5,000 pictures! And when you fill that up, make another one!

    Love you both!